Masai Culture Tour

About Masai Tour

This is a Dive into Culture, Traditions and Lifestyle of Masai people.
Though Tanzania is a melting pot of cultures with 126 different ethnic groups calling it their home Masai people Probably the best known and most impressive of all. With their distinctive customs and dresses they magically pull us into their spell. In “Olpopongi”, a 100 % authentic Maasai village, we spend a day with this fascinating tribe. Get to experience the Maasai’s marvellous dance, traditions, customs and rituals as we wander around the village
They are a smaller tribe, accounting for only about 0.7 percent of Kenya's population, with a similar number living in Tanzania. Maasais speak Maa, a Nilotic ethnic language from their origin in the Nile region of North Africa. The Samburu tribe is the closest to the Maasai in both language and cultural authenticity.



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